ThermiFlex 300 kW

Combustion Principal

Second part of grate = gasification zone,
here material loses mass and converts to the gas. The temperature of the ash is controlled by the primary air and does not exceed 700 ° C.

First part of grate = drying zone, the fuel is moved , loses moisture and starts to convert into embers.
Primary air and hydraulic moving grate mechanism.

Dosing of the burning material
through a fire protection zone.

The controlled amount of tertiary air is turbulently mixed with the produced gas and provides optimal mixture for combustion with temperature between 950-1100°C.

Exit from the burner, this part enters the body of the boiler.


Secondary air creates
an air vault and leads
the gases into the burning zone inside the burner.
Third part of grate = final gasification zone with outgoing ash transport screw. Due to the construction of the grate and controlled gasification, ash is free-flowing without slag.
Material consumption:
Broiler litter of 27% humidity (ash content 37%): 
Thermal output of heating system 300 kW
Consumption: 200 Liter ≅ 80 kg / hourWooden Biomass:



kg/m3 kWh/m3
20 % 229 800
30 % 266 750
40 % 310 710
50 % 372 680




TECHNOPA GmbH, Hietzinger Hauptstr.
50, 1130 Vienna, Austria,
tel.:+43 1 877 0553
FN 364372t HG Wien,

ThermiFlex 300 kW


Fully automated containerized industrial type Hot Water heating plant, based on unique ThermiFlex burner with two functions in one:
Gasification &
Turbulent burning.

Ready to operate with INPUTS:

  • Broiler litter up to 30% humidity
  • Waste wooden biomass Humidity up to 60%
  • Waste wood
  • Woody debris, driftwood
  • Olive and Dates Kernel
  • Palm Wood
  • Peat


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  • Plug & Operate Heating Plant
  • Minimal Infrastructure Costs
  • Negative Value Biomass Waste Utilization

Complete hardware of minimal emission flue gas system:

  • Multi Cyclone Stage
  • Flue Gas Washing System
  • Automatic De-ashing System

Hot water heating plant of 300 kW thermal energy equipped with nominal
400 kW burner meets the strictest requirements of the EU.

CO2 0 mg/Nm3
CO < 250 mg/Nm3
NOx < 200 mg/Nm3
CxHy < 20 mg/Nm3
Dust < 20 mg/Nm3


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